Holiday Blues and Stress

Holiday Blues and Stress

Christmas is a joyous season for many who celebrate the Christ child’s birth; however, others experience pain and grief.

Are you over booked this month? Do you panic when you look at your schedule? Are you experiencing grief? Do you have troubled relationships in your family? Is there anger or resentment?

If you are grieving any loss, there are ways to cope:

Leave. You can walk away if things become too uncomfortable for you.

Close your eyes. Take a break. Closing your eyes is a great way to get re-centered.

Try some solitude. Too much activity calls for quiet time to set priorities, to pray, or to count your blessings.

Go outside. Being in God’s creation and going for a walk can help find extra energy.

Locate some water. Listen to it, watch it, drink it, or sit in it. Water refreshes in so many ways.

Breathe! Remember to exhale occasionally. When your shoulders are up to your ears, it’s time to take a few, slow deep breathes.

Listen to music. Choose what makes you happy. Sing along. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel.

Give yourself the gift of peace and share the peace around you. Don’t be afraid to start new traditions if old ones cause pain. Know God loves you and will always be with you.

The health ministry team wishes you all a very blessed Christmas.

Betty Robbins, R.N., Parish Nurse