Whether we realize it or not, all we do shapes who we are as people and as Christians. If we pay attention to how we worship and how we live, we can not only nurture our faith but also grow in our capacity to serve the world. 


That’s why Christians have emphasized learning about our tradition for almost as long as we have been practicing it. For Episcopalians, the history of our branch on Jesus’ family tree raises particular questions that are worth exploring, such as:

Why do we celebrate the Eucharist each week? Why does the service sound both Protestant and Roman Catholic? Where did the Prayer Book come from? How do the words of the Old Testament speak to Christians who follow the teachings of the New Testament?

A variety of Christian Formation options are available for all ages:


Adult Classes & Events

Adult Classes – Adults sometimes decide that “Sunday School” is for children, only to realize that their faith journeys are frozen in adolescence. Mature people deserve mature faith. Adults who bring their wealth of life experience to class often find that the voices of scripture and Christian tradition speak to them on deeper and richer levels. Several classes, some year-round and some seasonal, are offered throughout the year. 

Adult Bible Study – This peer-lead study meets in the library at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays, and links the scripture reading appointed for the week to the challenges of everyday life. All are welcome.

Food & Formation:  Wednesday Evening Offerings – A meal and special programs are offered at various times throughout the year for people of all ages. Topics might include an extended look at scripture, a focus on Episcopal and Anglican traditions, or consideration of ethical issues drawn from contemporary experience.

Intergenerational Gatherings – Frequently scheduled around feast days, these gatherings involve hands-on experiential learning for folk aged 3-99+.

Weekday Bible Study – A group that meets every other Monday to explore how the Bible and other related literature impact life today. 

Quiet/Reflection Days –Held several times a year to provide a time apart for retreat through meditation, music, silence and small reflections groups. The programs often draw on Benedictine spirituality as a way to inform our journey in faith.


Get Involved Outside of Worship Services

Daughters of the King

Faith Chapter of Calvary Church meets the first Thursday of the month at 11:30 a.m. at the church. 

Daughters of the King are Christian women who are strengthened through the discipline of a Rule of Life, and supported through the companionship of their sisters. Everyone is at different stages of their Christian journey – some have just begun and some have been on this path for a long time. But no matter where they are on their sacred journey, the primary goal is the same – to know Jesus Christ and to make him known to others.


Knitting 101

Calvary donates prayer shawls to parishioners who are ill, and has begun making small colorful knitted or crocheted prayer squares which are given out at the Food Pantry and at area hospitals. The need outstripped the available knitters, so this group was formed to teach basic knitting to interested parishioners. The knitters meet every other Monday at 9:00 a.m., and proficient knitters come to help the beginners and to participate in an on-going knit-a-thon. The group has become extremely popular with beginnings and experts alike, and has helped encourage people who normally attend different services to mingle and become friends.


Book Club

Parishioners meet on the first Friday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at a local café to share lunch and discuss the month’s book selection. Books are usually recent best sellers, are not necessarily religious, but usually reflect on moral issues that are on people’s minds these days. Book suggestions are welcomed, and all are invited.


Monthly Lunch Bunch

This is a group of women who meet on the second Friday of each month at a different area restaurant to have lunch and fun. This has turned out to be a great way for parishioners who normally attend different services to spend time together and become friends – as well at try out new places to eat.


Calvary Crafters

Men and women who enjoy making various handicrafts get together every Wednesday to create items to sell at local craft fairs, at Calvary’s spring Plant Sale, the August Supper, and at the Men’s Group Barbeque, held in November.


Men’s Group

Each November, men of the church smoke pork and beef and serve a complete barbeque dinner for the parish and the community at large. They also gather for work days and for other fellowship opportunities.


St. Anne’s Guild

This group is an educational guild for women which meets at the church on the second Wednesday of the month for Bible Study, charitable work, and fellowship.


Young Adult Community

This is a group that gets together outside of church for fun and fellowship. Made up of singles and married people, they bond over beverages and shared life experiences.

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