A Special Message from the Vestry and Wardens

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Dear beloved in Christ,

Last month Kathy Noyes, our Senior Warden, gave you an update on the Vestry's process of discerning if Calvary should call Fr. J. as our Rector. All of us are grateful for your prayers through this time, and we are delighted to announce that the Vestry has called Fr. J. to this position, he has accepted this call, and Bishop José has approved and blessed this decision.

Fr. J. arrived at Calvary more than two years ago and has served as Priest-In-Charge since February of 2018. While in this position, he has had the responsibilities of a Rector, but was appointed for a period of two years or until he, the Vestry, and the Bishop mutually discerned that he should be called as Rector. His term of service as Rector is not limited to a particular length of time.

With the help of Bishop José's Chief of Staff, Canon Augusta Anderson, we and Fr. J. have used this period of discernment to survey the opportunities we have to serve God in this place. We are excited for what the future holds. The process also helped us recognize that there are challenges ahead for the church, and we are grateful to be facing them together. We invite you to join with us, Fr. J., Deacon Jacque, the staff, and one another to make Christ known in this community and throughout the world. Please help us give thanks to Fr. J., his wife Abigail, and their son Archie for their presence with us.

In peace,

The Wardens and Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church

J. Clarkson