Update from the Building and Grounds Committee

The necessity of removing trees that had passed a healthy lifetime has opened up new opportunities for this space.

The necessity of removing trees that had passed a healthy lifetime has opened up new opportunities for this space.

As we discussed at the Annual Meeting and also in the Parish Annual Report, it became necessary to remove many trees on the back of the Church property for several reasons. A number of trees had fallen and caused damage to our neighbors’ property. That led to our seeking advice from an arborist who inspected the entire area at the back of our property.  It was his opinion the trees should be removed because they would continue falling due to their shallow root system. He noted several were already dead.

 A logging company removed the trees at no cost to the Church, as they were able to sell most of the wood. What was left has been offered to anyone who wants it for firewood. Some was taken, but the majority of the trees were pine and not good for burning. Unfortunately, the time between the logging contractor finishing and the clean-up contractor starting has been longer than we planned.

 The Vestry approved the clean-up contractor’s estimate at their June meeting. The rain has put him behind, but we are hoping he gets started by the first of August. He will clean up some remaining brush along the property line. All the stumps will be removed and all trees and debris will be chipped. The contractor will use some of the chips to build an erosion barrier to prevent a water runoff problem for our neighbors. The contractor will then smooth out the area the best he can and seed the entire area. The contractor estimates this will take two weeks.

 At their July meeting the Vestry approved an estimate from a contractor to replant trees along the back of the property. We will be replacing about half the number of the trees removed. This will happen in late October. The Building and Grounds Committee will be discussing the best use of the cleared area until such time as it is needed for the churchyard.  An update will be provided as plans are developed. The Committee is also working on developing plans to improve the Labyrinth and the area around it.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dick Ackman.

 Committee Members:

Dick Ackman: Chairman
Emily Kanipe: Junior Warden
Ted Hill: Church Treasurer
John Bailey: Church Sexton
Beth Lifka
Leo Bjorlie
Jack Grant
Tom Best

J. Clarkson