Health Ministry News

Nutrition: Our lives depend on it – So much influences nutritional well-being, and, nutrition influences quality of life. If “health” is important to you, it is never too late to make changes that are beneficial. Make small, gradual changes that become permanent to your lifestyle.

Our bodies age, but it’s never too late to acquire more muscle, strength, and balance, improve oxygen utilization, prevent bone loss and brain deterioration, and maintain a balance of beneficial micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

Great benefit is are derived by mostly eating a variety of simple foods – unprocessed and unrefined foods – so that fiber, natural nutrients and flavors abound. For most of us it is better to eat fill your plate with more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, enough protein and minimal healthy fats. Eat less to lose weight, eat more to gain weight.

Always be diligent in handling your food properly to prevent food-borne illness. To not waste, plan needed food, being alert to your pantry, frig, appetite, time and storage space. Daily physical activity is also a necessity. Its being enjoyable is a perk, but varying type and increasing intensity and time is the most rewarding. Invite and encourage your family and friends to be active. Join your children in games, sports, and outdoor fun.

If you would like to discuss personal diet and nutrition advice to meet lifestyle, preferences and health-related needs, don’t hesitate to ask Linda Wozniak, RD, LDN.

Anne Spruance