Pastoral Care Team Forming

The pastoral care team is to "assist the Rector and all clergy with pastoral care ministry at Calvary Church, and further, to empower members of Calvary to care for each other in times of need". This is the mission statement of the new pastoral care team at Calvary, comprised of members from both 8:00 and 10:30 services: Lee Smith, Adrienne Haycock, Janet Edwards, Sue Ackman, Iris Durell, Carol Romine, Betty Robbins, and of course Fr. J. and Deacon Jacque.

Calvary has always done a good job of caring for its members through its various ministries. The pastoral care team wants to try and enhance those efforts, hopefully ensuring that no one is overlooked in a time of need.

Our first task is to create a meal program, which will be overseen by Adrienne Haycock and Iris Durell. Those returning home from the hospital, or suffering a loss of a family member, or even battling a cold or the flu could greatly benefit from prepared food. If you make soup or a casserole, you might make extra to put in the church freezer. Or you could get together with church friends and have a casserole-making event (please list the ingredients and the cooking time and temperature). If cooking is not your thing, perhaps you would be willing to deliver meals. You can swing by Calvary and get a casserole from the freezer, add a bag of salad and a package of rolls, and you have a good meal.

We encourage you to consider taking part in this ministry! If you are interested, please contact Adrienne Haycock or Iris Durell. If you have any other questions, please see Lee Smith.