Mission Committee January Update


As we slowly recover from the joyful celebrations of the holidays and try to get motivated to “begin again”, the Mission Committee hopes to bring information and ideas for ways that we can participate in the world beyond Calvary.  Looking around we know that many people were not able to experience what many of us did during this busy and happy season.  Lives are stressed when heat bills rise, rent needs paying, job security is at risk.  Families struggle when there is no place to sleep but a shelter, or medical bills mount when a child is seriously ill.  Rent, medicine or food for the table? Which comes first when there is minimal or no paycheck?  Immigrants struggle to fit in and fear being discounted and unwelcomed.  Senior citizens try to manage on fixed incomes, young and old alike become dependent on alcohol and drugs in the face of life’s difficulties.  Many of us have faced some of these issues in our own lives and have been helped with support and love from family and friends.  Not everyone has been blessed in this way.  The agencies and services listed on the Mission information board are but some that work to assist folks in every sort of life crisis.  The board is located in the Old Well Hall above the sign-up sheets. You may be involved with one or more of these already or want to know what you can do to help.  The Mission Committee will feature many of these agencies on the Calvary website in an effort to inform, educate and inspire us to carry on God’s mission in the world. Please click on the link here to learn about 12 Baskets Cafe in Asheville. This informative video is quite an eye-opener suggesting ways we can think outside of the status quo to distribute resources more equitably. Take a look!!

J. Clarkson