Autumn Retreat with Mother Liz


The Bible is a gathering of many forms of literature from poetry to history to imaginative story telling. It recalls the coming together of a community struggling to remain faithful to the God they believed had called them to live together with compassion and love. But how are we to read and understand these diverse stories set in a time and place so different from our own?

The workshop will address this question and offer ways in which the Bible can come alive to us through a variety of interactions with the story. Carl Jung called his memoir Memories, Dreams and Reflections; we will explore our own memories of God's grace, the dreams that have accompanied us on the journey, and reflection will enable us to see surprising ways in which the Creator is with us and within us. By pondering Scripture and our own experience we will discover fresh insights into the profound relationship we have with the God who loves us - always. There will be brief times for journal work and discussion between the sessions - bring your journal or a note book and if you have actual dreams that have remained with you bring a copy of those also. There will be time to share some of these and you will be offered a model for reflecting on the wisdom of dreams. This workshop is for anyone who has been troubled by the Bible as well as for those who delight in the Scriptures. We will be invited to hear again the invitation of Jesus, to "Follow me" and to discover the riches of an intimate relationship with God.

Programs are on Saturdays, from 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Bring your lunch and we’ll provide drinks and dessert. A $5 donation is greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Dawkins