August Supper Planning Meeting



Join us for our first planning meeting for the August Supper on Sunday, June 17 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commons Room. 

Yes, it’s getting to be that time again. The August Supper has a long history in our parish and community at large. In 1857, the first supper was held at the home of Daniel Blake to raise money for building a church in the Fletcher area. Following the Civil War, ladies of the church began holding suppers to raise funds to build a rectory as an enticement to keep a resident priest. They were called “Miss Fannie’s Suppers” (after Fannie Blake) and both raised money  united the community through the bounty of homegrown vegetables and home cooked food. The tradition continued until the late 1980s and provided funds for church improvements and outreach. The August Supper was restarted in 2006, and currently, funds are used for parish projects. Please join us!