News from the Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is still evolving and a leadership team is being formed, but we have been busy looking for ways to help and learn about the opportunities for Mission far and wide!  While we will be focusing most closely in Henderson and Buncombe Counties, needs for assistance are everywhere.  For those who attended the initial Mission meeting in October we talked about being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus as we go about our daily lives.  Please take a look at the Mission board in the Old Well Hall to see how we can connect outside the walls of Calvary and where you might find an area that interests you- that speaks to your heart!


Something to know…For a “Christmas project” this season Calvary Church will sponsor a student in Haiti for this school year.  Information came to us through a connection with a Daughter of the King from Columbia, SC who spoke recently at Calvary and told us of the need for children in Haiti to have financial help with tuition, books, uniforms, etc. in order to attend any level of school.  In Haiti only 1 in 6 girls are able to attend or even complete high school.  The student we are helping is Djoulie LaGuerre.  She is 13 years old, in the 8th grade and lives in Les Cayes.  We are partnering with Education=Hope, which is also working with the Episcopal Church in southern Haiti. Djoulie will be able to have her financial needs covered for this year for $550- a gift to a child made possible through The Angel Tree Fund and approved by our Vestry.  You can learn more by going to We expect to hear news of Djoulie through the coming year and will share this information as it arrives.



Our Hispanic brothers and sisters are visible to all of us, but how much do we know about them and the struggles they face every day?  Becoming a part of the fabric of Western North Carolina is so important for immigrants and if you think about it important to us as well.  The Latino population in our area wants us to learn about them and they want to know us as friends and neighbors.  True Ridge, a caring place in Hendersonville is working to help all of us to interact as well as to provide all sorts of assistance to the Latino families in Henderson County. We are called to Love Our Neighbor and True Ridge is a great place to help us do just that!  Something to know…December 14 at 5:00 PM True Ridge is hosting a Holiday Drop-In to celebrate the Holiday season and help visitors learn how their programs are impacting the community.  They are wanting all of the community to join them and have extended invitations to local officials- including politicians and law enforcement, in an effort to get to know each other as people.  While there is an RSVP, drop-ins will not be turned away!  If you are interested in learning more please contact Sue Ackman, 697-0495 or


Watch for more Something to know… in the weeks to come!

Mission TeamJ. Clarkson