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Mental Health Awareness - Presentation by Dr. Kim Masters

Mental Health is something we usually take for granted until we are faced with a problem. A stigma is often attached to mental health illness, making people reluctant to seek help and pretend that everything is fine. Approximately one-fifth of all Americans suffer from some type of mental illness. There are over 200 types of mental illness caused by genetic factors, chemical imbalances, medical conditions, or reactions to life’s stressors. Whatever the origin, it is important to know symptoms and how to respond.

Depression is the most common form of mental illness. Symptoms include persistent feelings of “emptiness” sleep disturbances, inability to concentrate, memory problems, changes in appetite, loss of pleasure or interest in things we previously enjoyed, irritability, loss of energy, and feelings of hopelessness. Depression occurs most frequently by stressors of loss and chemical imbalance. Prompt treatment is important for all types of mental illness. It is a physical condition and early diagnosis can be successfully treated. You cannot “get” over it or “put” it out of your mind. Medication, therapy and individual treatment plan helps you cope with you diagnosis and lead to recovery and healing. We can’t separate our physical, mental and spiritual health. Only when we seek wholeness through our Creator do we find true joy. So seek medical and spiritual help in all you do. If you have contact with people with mental illness, consider attending Dr. Kim Master’s presentation on Mental Health Awareness. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

– Betty Robbins, RN, Parish Nurse

The Health Ministry of Calvary Church invites you to a day for Mental Health Awareness

Friday, November 16 – 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Bring bag lunch, beverages and snacks provided – $10 donation requested

Dr. Kim Masters presents ACE model:

A = Assess for dangerous issues

C = Communicate - listen and communicate effectively

E = Engagement- Connecting the person with available resources

The day is designed for non-professionals who encounter people in various volunteer settings such as the Food Pantry or the prayer ministry who may exhibit mental health issues. This program is NOT for those experiencing anxiety and worry. It will offer information about mental illness and suggested approaches that can be helpful when dealing with people with mental health issues. It does not intend to tell anyone how to deal with a particular situation or establish a doctor/patient relationship. The sessions include using role plays, screening tools, and information about specific mental illnesses and discussion. Sign up in the Old Well Hall.

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