In 2018, our food pantry served a total of 4896 households and 17,081 individuals.


Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry, Inc.

The Food Pantry opened in April of 2009 in an effort to help local residents in need of food. Members of Calvary Episcopal Church felt called to organize and open the Food Pantry, but it could not operate without support from our whole community. In addition to Calvary, other local churches, businesses, individuals, service organizations, and philanthropic groups make the Food Pantry possible. In 2011, the Food Pantry was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

We obtain food from direct donations, by direct purchase, and through MANNA FoodBank in Asheville. From MANNA, we receive food through state-administered (SNAP) and direct-federal (TEFAP) hunger-relief programs, which helps offset our costs and provides additional food for our clients.

On opening day in 2009, five people came in need of food. In 2018, the Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry served a total of 4,896 households and 17,081 individuals with weekly averages of 96 households and 335 individuals. We provided 147 turkeys at Thanksgiving and 150 turkeys at Christmas in 2018. The value of donated food from all sources; Calvary Parishioners, Manna, and other churches and businesses totaled $211,808.  Cash donations, grants, fundraising, and memorial gifts allowed the purchase of additional food valued at $61,500. Our total income (from all sources, including value of donated food and in-kind support from Calvary) was $337,264. A total of 165,000 pounds of food was distributed through Calvary Episcopal Church during 2018. As one slogan says, “One in six face hunger, five in six can help.”  When that happens, all six are blessed.


New food Pantry Building

Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry, Inc. is designated as a “very large” food pantry, as scored by our partner, MANNA Food Bank, and we are an authorized distributor of federal SAM and Henderson County TEFAP food. Our goal is to provide at least half a week’s provisions per weekly visit.  We aim to provide 45-50% of a family’s needs in fruits, vegetables, and grains, 25% of its milk, and 90% of its protein. From January 2012 through 2018 the Pantry has purchased or collected and then has distributed nearly $2 million in food and household necessities. 

We are busy and crowded on Saturdays, when the Pantry is open to clients.  However, during the week, we are also busy, receiving and stocking food. This involves heavy cart and pallet jack traffic as well as many hours of volunteer time to shift, repackage and stack goods on the shelves. These activities contribute to the wear and tear on the building and space restrictions prevent us from obtaining additional food supplies we might otherwise have donated to the Pantry. We currently lack space in the Calvary Parish Hall to adequately serve the growing number and needs of our clients. To better serve our clients, the Food Pantry committee made a decision to raise money for a separate building on Calvary Church’s campus in order to enhance our ability to provide additional nutritious food to our clients. The cost for the new building is estimated at $500,000.

We are applying for grants that will help cover the construction costs as well as the cost of equipping the building and donations are welcome.


Volunteer Opportunities


  • 25 volunteers

  • Welcome and sign in clients

  • Personal shopping assistance

  • Food distribution

  • Carry-out

  • Re-packaging of bulk items into smaller containers


Each Week

Sunday – Pick up bread from local business donor.

Monday – Place food orders.

Alternate Tuesdays – Receipt and stocking from MANNA delivery.

Wednesday – Pick up packaged food from local business.

Thursday – Pick up milk from local business donor.

Friday – Pick up produce and bread from local business donors, and stock shelves.

Saturday – Distribute food to clients (above), and pick up bread from local business donor.


Various Days

  • Re-packaging bulk items into smaller containers

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Computer database maintenance

  • Grant writing

  • Fund raising

  • Community relations and public awareness



Board of Directors (Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church) and Executive Committee (volunteers)



  • Donations

  • Food

  • Volunteers

  • Prayers



at a Glance

  • Open to anyone in need of food.

  • Open Saturday, 8:30 am - 11:00 am (except the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s Day).

  • On average, provides 3530 meals for 335 people weekly.

  • Over 200 volunteer hours donated weekly.

  • Over 70 volunteers participate each month.

  • Community supported.


Services Provided

  • Food is provided according to household size and selected by the clients themselves, with the help of a volunteer shopping assistant.

  • Clients use shopping carts, and volunteers escort them to their vehicles and help load their items.

  • In addition to packaged foods, we also provide fresh produce, eggs, milk, and bread, as well as frozen meat.

  • We provide roughly 11 pounds of food per person per week.

  • On select Saturdays, the Health Ministry Team from the church offers blood pressure checks and nutrition counseling.


In 2018, this ministry served 17,081 individuals.

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