Calvary Churchyard

Calvary Churchyard became a place of burial sometime in the middle of the nineteenth century.  Our oldest (readable) grave marker dates to the late 1860s, but there are many unmarked graves in the oldest section.
The names of many prominent families of the area can be read on the stones which stand as a “silent congregation” under the arch of the venerable trees: Blake,Weston, Fletcher, Westfeldt, Presley, Shuford, Cecil, Owens, Clark, Ledbetter – names of community leaders spanning two counties. There’s an opera singer, famous humorist Bill Nye, a bishop, several priests, doctors, teachers, many children, supposed Russian royalty, a punk-rocker, housewives, farmers, soldiers, all sorts and conditions of folk; some rich in things, many rich in spirit, known and unknown.  

Calvary Churchyard currently has many picturesque interment spaces available for purchase.  Please contact the office at (828) 684-6266 or e-mail Calvary Churchyard.